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ABOUT linh

As a Vietnamese-American immigrant who immigrated to the United States over twenty-five years ago, I have learned to appreciate and respect the multi-faceted individuals that we all are. I currently hold a post-grad degree in Clinical Social Work and have practiced therapy for nearly ten years now. As a large component of my practice, I value the individuality of each of my clients and that has proven to have largely contributed to their psychological and social well-beings. I strive to continue to uphold that value here at Linh by Design (c), It would be my honor if you allow Linh by Design (c) to celebrate your individuality and support you to bring it to life, through my creative event designs, concepts and planning. 

Mission & vision

At Linh By Design (c), we proudly and humbly celebrate you. We believe that none of us strut and jive our lives in this world like or to any one else's chord, so therefore, the creativity and designs of our most special events and celebrations should not be compromised to feel or look like anyone else's. We promise to support you to create and execute beautiful concepts and designs for your special events to reflect your beautiful soul. 

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